The Museo Atlántico, located on the coast of Lanzarote, is the first underwater contemporary art museum of the Atlantic Ocean and Europe.

The eco-sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, is the author of this work of art who took more than two years to create this project.

The museum, located 14 m under the water, is built to create a big underwater coral reef, preserving the biodiversity fauna of Lanzarote. 300 sculptures create a perfect union between the marine world and the human being.

At the moment, barracudas and sardines, octopuses, sponges, butterfly rays and angel sharks live around it.


You can visit the Atlantic Museum diving or freediving.

Lanzarote Buceo is an authorised centre (by the EOMA) and you will visit the museum with one of our qualified instructors (Eco Dive Guide)


Have you thought about visiting this underwater wonder?

Call us or e-mail us and we will give you all the information.

Price extra dive Museo Atlántico: 20€
Entrance to the Atlantic Museum: 12€

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