Whether it is your first time or you are an expert, we will adapt to your needs. Whatever your level is, you can enjoy the best dives and underwater landscapes, experience your first try dive or join the courses that go from Open Water to the Divemaster. Regardless of the challenge, we can help you achieve your goals. Our team of instructorsand Divemasters are qualified to offer you the best experience.

Try it out for yourself! Lanzarote is an island that leaves no diver untouched as it has an infinite number of points of dive full of spectacular beauty. If you are prepared to experience a great underwater adventure, we will show you some of the dives that you can do.



The surroundings of El Muellito and the two breakwaters of the Playa Chica beach are magical places to go diving and enjoy yourself during the day and at night.

It is the perfect place to observe how the fauna changes after the sunset. This shallow dive is the perfect spot to go “snorkeling”, try dive and for beginner divers; however, even experienced divers enjoy it after the incursions into the deepest walls.


It is one of the most famous dives in Puerto del Carmen, due to the adventure component it offers. The Agujero Azul (Blue Hole) is a tunnel that connects the sandy area with a cliff that goes down to an incredible depth.



This is one of the most popular dives in Lanzarote, perhaps it is because the dive in the cathedral cave is comfortable and very complete. There are vertical walls to search for hidden life, immense sand banks where you can observe stingrays and angel sharks, caves with all kinds of fauna and even a small wreck if you are interested in seeing it up close.


This underwater cliff stands out at the Playa Grande beach because of its depth and the height of the walls. In addition, the rocks next to El Muellito de Fariones are a true aquarium, a perfect spot to practise “snorkeling” and safety stops.


We recommend visiting the deepest wrecks first and then finishing the immersion in the shallower ones. There is an old Sardinal boat that is in very good conditionwhere we can visit its bridge as well as its cellars. The wreck located further east still preserves its great propeller of over 38 m.


These three wooden fishing boats, built during the last century with the main purpose of facing the ocean to snatch the fish, paradoxically have ended their days at the bottom of the ocean as home to those who once were their prey.


Gigantic walls that fall to the abyss, amazing slopes, immense sharp rocks, caves, submarine canyons, large sand bars and arches; all these shapes form a spectacular landscape decorated with a thousand types of life. The landscape is one of the highlights of this dive because of its variety.


The exotic name of this area captives everybody from the first moment. Under the water, when we dive among the dense rocks located a few meters deep, the sunlight and its reflections on the white sand create a truly tropical atmosphere.



The Playa Chica cliff hides many nooks and crannies worth visiting, and the Cueva de las Gambas (Shrimp Cave) is one of them. At the foot of the cliff, at about 40 m deep, a cave gives shelter to swarms and narval shrimp, also known as prawns. Groupers lie in wait for the shrimp, hidden inside the dark cave and do not hesitate to pounce on them when they become visible by the light of our flashlights.

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