We recommend visiting the deepest wrecks first and then finishing the immersion in the shallower ones. There is an old Sardinal boat that is in very good conditionwhere we can visit its bridge as well as its cellars. The wreck located further east still preserves its great propeller of over 38 m.

Among the remains we will find some typical animals living in caves such asscorpianfish, cardinal fish and even glasseyes. We recommend you to pay special attention to the sand because it is easy to see stingrays, butterfly rays, manta rays, torpedos and angel sharks. It is entertaining to try to identify each of the six sunken ships as we dive to the bottom searching for fauna.

This is one of the few wreck parks in the Canary Islands specifically designed for diving. It was created in 1986 by sinking seven ships. The storms dragged one of them to sea inside making it impossible to enjoy sport diving. The other six can still be visited even after the recent extension of the wharf, which has buried half of one.

Very popular place for divers. It can be reached by boat or from land.

inmersiones pecios puerto del carmen Buceo en Lanzarote

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