These three wooden fishing boats, built during the last century with the main purpose of facing the ocean to snatch the fish, paradoxically have ended their days at the bottom of the ocean as home to those who once were their prey.

The two shallower boats are almost intact. On the contrary, the deepest one presents a phantasmagorical atmosphere with its framing coming out of the keel like ribs of a spinal column.

The turquoise blue colour of the water and easy access favor snorkeling. From the coast, you should descend down the cliff ladder by the shore, where we will begin the dive. If you are diving with tanks, we will submerge perpendicular to the shore until we reach the first two boats. It is preferable to leave the third wreck and to access it from the boat, due to its depth and distance. That way, we can explore the boats or stop to investigate the sand where there may be sea life hiding such as angel fish, manta rays and large stingrays. It is important to always keep track of the dive computer because you could need a decompression stop.

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