This is one of the most popular dives in Lanzarote, perhaps it is because the dive in the cathedral cave is comfortable and very complete. There are vertical walls to search for hidden life, immense sand banks where you can observe stingrays and angel sharks, caves with all kinds of fauna and even a small wreck if you are interested in seeing it up close.

After entering from the beach, we will go deeper until reaching the wall (20 meters) and we will follow it to the entrance of the impressive cathedral, entering through its upper part until we arrive at the bottom end, where we will find other smaller caves with a great variety of sponges, spider crabs, large groupers and angel fish. As we turn around we will be able to see the deep bluesea and the depth of the cave and its unique form.

The route to get tothe cave crosses a sandy area filled with a surprising amount of life although apparently, it is a desert. You can see gardener eels, spider fish, Atlantic lizard fish, wide-eyed flounder, sandcrab, angel sharks and schoals of mullets, sand sea bream or salema. Once we arrive at the wall, a curious grouper will probably be waiting to follow us on that part of the dive. Before the cave there is a small branch of black coral that will give you an idea of ​the shape of the big forests lying deep below the surface.

We will then go back in front of the Playa Chica beach through a shallow area where you will have time to enjoy yourself during the safety stop.

inmersiones la catedral Buceo en Lanzarote

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