The exotic name of this area captives everybody from the first moment. Under the water, when we dive among the dense rocks located a few meters deep, the sunlight and its reflections on the white sand create a truly tropical atmosphere.You could dive only around this area, but, actually, this spot is reserved for the security stop or for snorkelling, because the site has much more to offer if we descend to the cliff.

The dive begins from the mooring line of the buoys that delimitates the bathing area. It descends, leaving to one side, the edge of the great group of rocks that extends out towards the coast and, on the other side, the sand slope that goes down to the cliff.You will go down the sand to the cliff, following one of the two rocky peaks, depending on the current and our own preference. At the end of the crest more to the east, at a depth of 18 m, under a ledge, one of the shallowest branches of orange coral of the Canaries grows. In the deepest part of the cliff (at about 28 m), towards the east, we can find a small cave with a large hanging anemone accompanied by fairy bass lets.

inmersiones waikiki Buceo en Lanzarote

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